Yoga builds the physical body, muscles, bone density and immunity. It sustains the energetic body, refines the sensory body and steadies the emotional body; so thoughts and focus can be clear, uncluttered and pure.









0800-0915: Start The Week Yoga:

taking time to prepare ourselves for the week.

Setting our intention and easying the body through

a vinyasa practice.



1800-1915: Gentle Hatha Yoga Flow

via Yogalogy in East Finchley


*please see Yogalogy website for rates Yogalogy




1900-2000: Vinyasa Flow Yoga.

Evening Flow practice to relax and yet strengthen.





1100-1215: Vinyasa practice for all levels.

Where we will apply  allignment and strengthening to familiar and new posture.




Throughout the Coronavirus pandemic I am charging just £12.50 per week.

This allows you access to 3 classes:-

Monday 0800-0915, Tuesday 1900-2015 and Saturday 1100-1215.






I start my Yoga clases by warming the body, finding movement through the spine and incorportating core strength work; then moving on to a Vinyasa flow, taking the body through asanas supported with the breath, calming the mind and stretching the body.


At present the only classes are online