Dear Yoga Friends,



Dates for Spain!

I am doing to seperate weeks in Southern Spain, at the gorgeous and welcoming Las Chimeneas in 2020.

Put the dates in your diary!


Yoga and Walking Saturday May 23rd to May 30th. Bank Holiday weekend.

-For you teachers and school workers who cant get away in term time!

This is earlier than previous years - Spain will be lush and verdate

opening up some new areas to walk! There will be plently of Yoga too!


Yoga week will be from Saturday 27th June to 4th July. Taking time out from

your busy schedule to relax, deepen your Yoga practice.Even with two Yoga

sessions a day there will be time to walk into the Sierra Nevada, visit local

places of interest- and just lie in the sun by the pool and read a book ! (Bliss!)

The Yoga week was sold out at New Year this year so please do get in touch

if you are interested or just want to find out a bit more about things!



Strength. Flexibility. Focus - Carrie OM Yoga





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"Step with care and great tact. And remember life's a great balancing act" - Dr Seuss

I suffered from chronic back pain and asthma from a young age, at 45 years old, a consultant at St Thomas' hospital informed me I'd be on steroids for the rest of my life.

He asked, "what do you expect at your age?" EEK- I did panic abit.

I looked around and tried various programmes and found something interesting and intreging in Yoga. It was not without a few hiccups!  but I am now, steroid free and without back pain.


Having studied various forms of Hatha Yoga, I've trained with Jason Crandell, Anna Ashby, Jeff Phenix and Emil Wendel and applied their methods to my practice.


Yoga is about becoming the best version of yourself, so don't allow yourself the excuse. "I cant do the splits, or, put my forhead to my shin". Most of us can't!




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